barismo coffee


barismo is built upon creating long-lasting relationships with people who are committed to quality. If you're interested in wholesaling or distributing our products, please fill out the form below & we'll get back within 1-2 business days with more information!

Our wholesale customer list scales with our buying & capacity; we place a high value on working with customers that are the right fit, and bringing people on board when we have the resources to fully support them. The more information about your business we have, the better we can help serve you.

Looking for cold brew?

Our cold brew is a flavorful departure from the more common 'toddy' style cold brew. This is something new. Visit us at Draft Coffee Solutions to learn more. 

It was the most coffee-like cold brew I’ve ever had.
— Matt Viser, Boston Globe, 9/1/15
It’s good stuff, smooth and sweet enough that it didn’t need milk or sugar.
— Scott Kirsner, Beta Boston, 5/29/15