barismo coffee

Shipping Information

* Christmas Week: Orders placed before Thursday, December 22 at 11AM EST will ship that day USPS Priority Mail. If you have any questions about orders arriving before Christmas, shoot us an email with the shipping address and we will do our best to provide an estimate!

We roast online orders twice a week, on Monday & Thursday. Orders ship the day after they are roasted. Orders must be placed by 7 A.M. to process on a roast day. (Orders placed after the cutoff on Thursday will roast on the following Monday and ship on Tuesday, etc). If an online order roast day falls on a holiday, we will make every effort to still get orders out on their regular shipping day, but can't make guarantees and may be delayed one day.

All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail, which delivers 1-3 days anywhere in the U.S.; while reliable, USPS shipping times are an estimate, not a guarantee, and they do not deliver on Sundays. If orders are delayed due to natural disaster, extreme weather, mechanical failure, or other event, we'll notify you as soon as we are aware.

We use a flat rate shipping option that allows us to ship up to 2.5 pounds at a time for $5.75. If you move beyond 2.5 pounds, it scales accordingly (2.6-5 pounds for $11.50, etc.). If we can package your order in a way that will save on shipping, we'll do so and refund you the difference.



We do not accept returns due to the perishable nature of coffee. If you've purchased a coffee from us and are not satisfied, please email us at to discuss & we're happy to discuss and see if we can help.