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You can have great coffee at the office without breaking the bank. Barismo's office subscriptions set you up with enough coffee to brew every weekday for two week intervals. We'll send you a rotation of our best coffees, and there are no contracts or long-term commitments -- pause, cancel or change your subscription at any time.

All office plans include free shipping. You'll receive a rotation of our best single origin coffees shipped within 24 hours of roast, so you'll always have the freshest, best coffee (If you just want to receive our Clockwork Espresso blend, let us know!). We ship whole bean coffee so you don't lose out on flavor. Need help selecting a grinder & brewing equipment? Check out our equipment suggestions. We're happy to help answer equipment questions, just email

4 - 8 Coffee Drinkers: 1 x 5 lb. bag every two weeks

Five pounds of coffee lets you brew up to 15 sixteen ounce cups every day for two business weeks. 
Suggested Brewing Equipment: Bonavita Brewer & Baratza Grinder Bundle ($274) + Jennings CJ4000 Scale ($29)
Equipment available from our friends at Prima Coffee. Using a scale lets you ensure you're using the right coffee dose; we recommend 60 grams of coffee per 1 liter of water.

10 - 15 Coffee Drinkers: 2 x 5 lb. bag every two weeks

Ten pounds is great for a medium sized office -- brew enough to fuel everyone in the morning and through the afternoon hump.
Suggested Brewing Equipment: Fetco CBS-2121P Half Gallon Brewer + Baratza Grinder + Jennings CJ4000 Scale.

$215 / shipment
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18 - 25+ Coffee Drinkers: 3 x 5 lb. bag every two weeks

Fifteen pounds will make sure there's always coffee around for a larger office. Need more than this on a regular basis? Email us at and we can help.
Suggested Brewing Equipment: There are many options for this scale depending on your access to a water hookup and electrical capacity.