barismo coffee

 Producer Mario Doroteo Perez
 Farm Finca Guamilito
 Region Lempira, Honduras
 Elevation 1650 meters
 Variety Unspecified
 Process Fully Washed and Patio Dried
 Harvest Jan 2015 - Feb 2015
 Storage GrainPro™
 Relationship Importer Contract

This coffee is no longer available.


bourbon, toasted brown sugar, melon, caramel, slick body

We sourced this coffee via Virmax/Caravela, a unique vertically integrated importer/exporter from whom we've worked with for years with on Colombian coffees. This year we were interested in branching out into Honduras, and agreed to buy two different lots from them to test the waters; this is the first of those to be released. 

Finca Guamilito is a family affair, with Don Doroteo & his five children all involved in coffee production; during harvest, they hire local pickers, but otherwise all work is done within the family. The processing is very traditional -- washed for 14-18 hours based on weather, then dried on a cement patio for 48 hours.

The farm is in the process of becoming Rainforest Alliance certified, and is already well underway. Roughly 60% of the farm is under shade cover from a half dozen different tree species. Wastewater from the washing process is stored in an oxidation pond, where algae helps decompose the solid particulates leftover.