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This coffee is no longer available.

Gishubi Hill
sugary stewed fruit, rose oil, golden raisin, velvety plush body

Producer Various Small Land Holders
Region Gishubi, Burundi
Elevation 2210 meters
Process 12 hour dry fermentation followed by 12 hour wet fermentation, dried on raised beds for 20-30 days
Variety Bourbon
Harvest April 2017 - July 2017
Storage GrainProâ„¢
Relationship Importer Contract

Gishubi Hill is a coffee growing community of just under 900; it's located at an extremely high elevation, topping out at 2210 meters above sea level (comparable to Flagstaff, Arizona, or almost 2000 feet higher than Denver). In 2014 they began partnering with the Heza washing station, a mill started by a new company, Long Miles Coffee, that has worked to develop infrastructure to promote an equitable specialty coffee market in Burundi.

Burundi is unique amongst other East African coffee origins in several regards - they harvest slightly later (generally March - June, but this harvest ran late starting in April and running through late July), and as a landlocked country there are added barriers to getting coffee exported; in this case, the export port was Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They also grow primarily Bourbon, the classic coffee variety recognized for deep sweetness and gentle but crisp acidity (compare to the heirloom varieties in Ethiopia, or the Scott Laboratories varieties common in Kenya, each of which are largely responsible for their respective distinct cup profiles).

Gishubi Hill carries the trademark deep, fruit sweetness of well grown Bourbon coffee, with its own distinct fruit and floral quality; there is a rose oil note featured prominently in the cup, but without being explosive or overpoweringly floral.