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Pictured: The view from the drive to the farm, which is up on the highest hills you see in the background; the type of limestone found throughout the soil here; cherry ripening on the hills, with a view of Mexico in the distance.
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Cerro Verde
cocoa powder, almond toffee, cherry, apple, weighty fruit juice body

Producer Gustavo Alfaro Altuve
Region Huehuetenango
Elevation 1400 meters
Process Washed & Patio Dried
Variety Caturra & Catuai
Harvest December 2017 - March 2018
Storage GrainProâ„¢
Relationship Eighth Year Direct Trade

Cerro Verde is one of the many lots we purchase from Hacienda Santa Rosa; Buena Esperanza is the flagship premium microlot, along with Pena Blanca (the base component of our Clockwork espresso). Cerro Verde is grown in between those two lots, right around 5000 feet above sea level.

The farm has a unique terroir, in a mountainous region of northwest Guatemala just a stones throw from Mexico. The soil is rich in chalky white limestone, which helps moderate soil pH (highly acidic soils can cause complications for plant fertilization). The weather is impacted by warmer winds coming down from Mexico, but that impact is moderated by the heavy use of indigenous shade trees (mostly Inga, a tree common in Central and South America) and preserved land interspersed throughout the farm, serving dual purpose as wildlife corridors/sanctuary and to moderate the climate.

This years harvest of Cerro Verde is one of the best ones we've had in eight years: it retains the classic cocoa & almond toffee flavors we're familiar with from past years, but also now has an emphasis on sweeter, juicy fruit that plays a great complimentary role.