barismo coffee


This coffee is no longer available.

green apple, sweet caramel, honey

Producer Miriam Leal de Villanueva
Region Parramos, Guatemala
Elevation 1650 - 1800 meters
Process Fully Washed & Patio Dried
Variety Bourbon
Harvest December 2015 - March 2016
Storage GrainPro™
Relationship Seventh Year Direct Trade

El Bosque is one of our most beloved farms and the huge reinvestment this farm has undergone is nearly at complete realization. Located in the state of Chimaltenango near Parramos, when we first started working with them six years ago the farm looked nothing like it does today: an overgrown forest of coffee trees that had received very little attention, and produced just a fraction of the coffee that it does today.

The farm has been replanted with primarily bourbon, but we had also selected a number of newer varities -- Villa Sarchi (common with many of our Costa Rican coffees), Bourboncito (a dwarf bourbon variety), yellow caturra, pacamara and geisha. Many of these smaller plantings were finally producing fruit this year, but have yet to reach a critical mass of volume and quality for us to buy.

The older heirloom bourbon trees are still planted in a few places, and have been topped, trimmed, and regrowing while producing moderate yields. We had aspirations of offering the coffee from these nearly century-old trees seperately, but unfortunately due to miscategorization at the mill that has now been blended into the main Bosque lot -- still, we hope to have that as a seperate offering in years to come. After many years, this farm is turning the corner on the agricultural side.