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Hario V60

Our most commonly used brew method is the Hario V60. The V60-01 is designed to brew a single serving (8-10 oz.), and provide s a good body and flavor clarity. We use a brew method for the V60 that is designed to be easily repeatable using the correct tools and attention to detail. We recommend using the Hario Buono kettle for brewing with a V60. We use a ratio of 18 grams of coffee per 300mL of water, but you can scale your total brewing volume up or down slightly, so long as you keep the same ratio (i.e. 16 grams of coffee per 260mL of water). 

1. Pre-heat the filter and brewer thoroughly with hot water. This will help minimize the paper filter taste, and pre-heat the brewer.

2. Load freshly ground coffee into the filter. We are using a medium-fine grind: you'll use your drain time to help dial in the appropriate grind size.

3. Pre-infuse the grounds by pouring into the center and circling outward. Make sure the whole surface is wet, about 40mL.  This should be a slow pour, taking about 10 seconds.

4. Once you have finished pouring your pre-infusion water, start a 2-minute timer and wait 20 seconds for the pre-infusion.

5. Once there is 1:40 left on your timer, begin pouring in concentric circles, making sure not to breach the outer edge of the grounds.
Our goal is to pour the remaining brew volume (our total brew volume, minus what we used for pre-infusion) in 80 seconds. To do this, we need to use a proper, consistent flow rate throughout our pour. We find it's easiest to do this if you support your kettle underneath (use a cloth to avoid burning yourself). and tilting the kettle slightly. When the water just falls vertically down from the kettle of the spout in a steady stream, you have about the right flow rate. You don't want to have just a trickle of water, nor do you want to see the stream of water jumping forward.

6. Once there is 20 seconds left on the timer, stop pouring. If your grind size is correct, the water will finish draining from the brew bed just as the timer expires. If the water drains too quickly, grind finer; if it drains too slowly, grind coarser.

Cheat Sheet

Water volume:  300mL
Time:      2:00

Pour 40ml for pre-infusion.
Start timer.
0:00  Wait 20 seconds for preinfusion.
0:20     Pour 260mL over 80 seconds.
1:40                     Allow coffee to drain.

Drain before 2:00 is up? Adjust your grind finer.
Drain takes longer than 2:00? Adjust your grind coarser.