barismo coffee


62% Los Naranjos, Colombia
38% San Pedro, Colombia

apple jam, thyme, zippy acidity, cacao nibs

Lucid is a pairing of two coffees from the same region of Colombia. We featured both these coffees individually in 2017, and in 2018 are bringing them back in a pairing we're serving primarily as espresso (but makes tasty filter coffee as well!).  The label art is a play off the name, a  Rorschach ink blot style mirror image of Colombia.

Both coffees are from farms near Acevedo, a town in Huila. We first purchased from each farm during a regional competition we attended in 2017, put on to identify & reward the best producers in the region (& overall, promote excitement and a market for specialty coffee amongst growers). This year difficult growing conditions meant that there was overall less coffee available, so while we were not able to feature each coffee individually, they worked well to bring back Lucid, which we first featured in 2011 (always a two Colombia pairing).

 The majority component, Los Naranjos, is notable for being primarily Tabi, a unique variety that we've sampled from a handful of producers. It lends a thicker body with jammy red fruit. The second coffee, San Pedro, contributes more towards a zippy malic acidity and thyme/rosemary aromatics.