barismo coffee

Producer José Hernán Quintero
Region Tolima, Colombia
Variety Geisha-Bourbon Hybrid
Process Honey Process
Harvest Apr 2018 - Jul 2018
Storage Vacuum Sealed
Relationship Direct Trade

La Pradera

sugarcane, black cherry, apple, fruit juice body

*Only available in 12oz. bag - $35

La Pradera is a farm run by José Hernán Quintero, one of the members of the cooperative that produces Meridiano. His parents were coffee producers and he now carries on their legacy with his own family. Each year he strives to improve the quality of his coffee and the end product only seems to get better and better.

This small lot is particular special. There were just 34 kilograms of this geisha-bourbon hybrid and we were very excited to be the ones to secure the lot.