barismo coffee

Arley Uribe

pungently sweet, papaya, tropical acidity, creamy & earthy body

Producer Arley Uribe
Region Rioblanco, Tolima, Colombia
Elevation 1700 meters
Process Fully Washed & Dried on Rooftop Beds
Variety Tabi
Harvest December 2016
Storage Vacuum Sealed
Relationship Direct Trade

Arley Uribe is one of many producers in the Alto Saldana Growers Association (officially Asociacion de Productores de Cafes Especiales Del Alto De Saldaña, or ASOCEAS). We've purchased coffees from ASOCEAS since our earliest days, primarily as Meridiano. Meridiano is a blended lot from various producers who meet a certain quality standard; occasionally there are lots of exceptional quality from individual producers that are separated and we have the opportunity to purchase separately. Arley Uribe's coffee is one of those exceptional harvests.

The variety of coffee, Tabi, makes this coffee unique. Tabi was developed in 2002 by CENICAFE, the research division of Colombia's national coffee farmers federation, as a cultivar that's resistant to coffee rust (a menacing fungual disease that can decimate coffee production) while still producing good quality. Tabi was created by crossing two traditional specialty coffee varieties, Typica & Bourbon, with Timor Hybrid, a variety from Asia that is more disease resistant.

The cup is one of the more interesting coffees we have had: it has all the high-end flavors of great Colombian coffees: intense sweetness, light background floral elements layered behind papaya and other tropical fruits, and a really pleasant, lasting acidity that's strong without being sharp. At the same time, it also has a very unique, earthy body that reminds us strongly of the Indonesian roots of the Tabi variety. It's as if this coffee has two different faces, and it's rare to see these disparate elements in the same cup and playing together so well.

Like so many of our favorite lots, this is from an extremely small harvest. Only five 35kg. vacuum sealed bricks were produced, and we're lucky to have purchased all of them.